Wa Rehandle Service



Please email us for approval before sending in handles for install.





By sending in your knives and handles you are agreeing to allow D&R Sharpening Solutions/JapaneseKnifeSharpening.com/JapaneseKnifeSharpeningStore.com to modify your knife and/or handle as deemed necessary to complete the rehandle process and to pay the assessed fee(s), return shipping costs, and any required shipping insurance.

D&R Sharpening Solutions/JapaneseKnifeSharpening.com/JapaneseKnifeSharpeningStore.com will not be responsible for the construction, condition, longevity, materials, or design of the handles provided to us either for sale and/or for rehandle service. D&R Sharpening Solutions/JapaneseKnifeSharpening.com/JapaneseKnifeSharpeningStore.com will not be responsible for damages to handles and/or knives or any loss of personal property that may occur during the rehandling process. 


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