Sharpening Levels

LEVEL I - Approximately 8000-10000x equivalent. Good for most kitchen tasks. The LEVEL I edge shiny although it is not a mirror polish, it is a stout working edge.

*Note - The LEVEL I edge may be applied in whole (or in part) by belt sander/polishing wheels on certain knives whose edge geometry requires a specific shape outside of what can be applied through hand sharpening. It is to our discretion to apply the appropriate edge to the knife. Powered sharpening, if required, will not effect the results, the knife will be very sharp regardless.

**Choose this option if your knives have small nicks or have been poorly sharpened in the past (since some small repairs can be done with no additional charges at this level) and for Shun, Global, MAC, Henckels Twin Cermax/Miyabi, Tojiro Zen, & Aritsugu knives.


LEVEL II - Hand sharpened edge to the max! 30,000x + edge!! This is the ultimate edge that we can provide for your knife. It is more expensive because it is more labor intensive. This edge can be put on most knives but it is the only edge that we will provide on single bevel knives like the yanagiba.

*Note - Shun, Global, MAC, Henckels Twin Cermax/Miyabi, & Tojiro Zen single bevel knives may not be able to be sharpened. We can not tell one way or the other unless the knife is in our possession to examine. This is due to these knives not being shaped/constructed to correct Japanese knife form or possibly the need for additional work to be performed which may or may not be able to be done.

**All repair work needed on Level II sharpening will be charged extra. No repairs are included with this level. 


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